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Being an independent Sketch Artist since 2023 has been no easy feat. But with a bit of diligence and dedication, I’ve managed to produce original works I’m proud of, as well as making my very own boardgame that I'm proud of — combining traditional as well as modern illustration techniques. These here are my sketches I've made to produce my very proud creation:

"Heroes Landing"

Scan_20230811 (2)
Scan_20230804 (11)
Scan_20230804 (10)
Scan_20230804 (3)
Scan_20230804 (8)
Scan_20230804 (4)
Scan_20230804 (5)
Scan_20230804 (2)

Valued Clientele

From the First Sketch

Since 2023, I’ve been expanding my portfolio, working with a variety of clients and companies all over the San Francisco area. Below you will find some of the clients I’ve collaborated with. Take a look at the projects we’ve worked on together, and feel free to contact me if you would like to start creating something together as well.

Client 7


An Artistic Visionary

A comic artist in Singapore and an incredibly diligent and humble guy. A very busy artist who would bring the best out of his craft. You can count on him to get things done with refined quality as always when asking for commissions from him. We are now collaborating to make our Boardgame Art Production: "Heroes Landing".

Client 8


First Impressions Count

This client had a specific vision in mind when we started working together. I was able to take their idea and give it my personal touch without disrupting their vision, and the outcome was incredible.

Client 2


A Close Collaboration

When this particular client approached me about a new and innovative project they had in mind, I knew it was going to be a true success. We were able to collaborate together on a series of fantastic illustrations.

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