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The World Of Cello's Sketchbook

Making Art & Games That Matters

My Works

Designs, Concepts & Productions


Heroes Landing (The Boardgame)

A Trench Warfare Strategy Boardgame

A fantasy based collectable card-based boardgame made in Singapore. It serves more than just your average TCG and Cross-Over Paradise. It also serve to gauge a military commanding officer's experience and tactical genius in their innovative and commanding strategy in the battlefield.

Game Design Concepts


Take a look at behind the scenes concepts that build the game's future made after a series of events unfold but did not reach the initial intended design in the game.

Tarot Card Design_Character - Front_N_Back.png

My Instagram

Traditional Artwork / Live-Sketch Cosplayers

I upload sketches and updates of my game series Heroes Landing right here. Com check out my  initial sketch and pre-production for my game design career and daily sketches of other cosplayers.


Our Values, Our Passion

To Keep You Going Forword

An Artist determined to make games that will make you braver and more well-prepared to face this world's challenges and empowers you to keep them from doing what it takes to reach your dreams. And to never give up hope.

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